All About the Library

Hours - Monday-Friday 8:00-2:30

The mission of the John S. Jones Elementary Media Center is to provide a program which functions as the information center of our school, to assist students in becoming effective users of information, to promote a love of reading, and to encourage the development of lifelong learners.

John S. Jones Elementary Media Center is located in the center of the building and is often referred to as the “heart” of the school. It is an integral part of the school curriculum and provides a wide range of resources and information that satisfy the educational needs and interest of the students. The collection contains over 10,000 books including fiction and non-fiction selections. In addition, magazines, videos, and reference materials are available for teacher and students. The media center operates on a flexible schedule thus providing students with the opportunity to visit the media center on a daily basis. Students use the media center individually, in small groups, and in whole groups for a variety of activities including material selection, check-out, and research. The media center contains nine computer workstations which allow students to access online resources. It is fully automated and networked thus allowing students and teacher access to the online catalog from their classroom. The media center utilizes Renaissance Place software to implement Accelerated Reader Enterprise.

Library Expectations

When students visit the library media center, they are expected to follow all library expectations in order to contribute to a positive learning environment. Please read below to find a list of library expectations.

  • Take PRIDE in your library by keeping shelves in order!
  • Use classroom behavior in library.
  • Respect Others - Use inside voices
  • Be Responsible - Take care of books
  • Be Trustworthy - Bring books back on time
Checkout Policy

Students are allowed to check out books one time a day at the convenience of their classroom teacher. Students are allowed to have two books checked-out in his/her name and may keep them for two weeks. Students must return books to the library before they will be allowed to select new books for check out.

Overdue Policy

We do not charge overdue fines. Students may have items checked out for two weeks. When the items become overdue, a notice will be sent to the student. They may renew items for additional time.

Lost Material Policy

If an item becomes lost or damaged, it is the responsiblity of the student and/or parents to pay for the material. Students will not be allowed to check out additional books until the lost item has been paid for. If the lost item is found, student may return the material with receipt to the library for a refund.

Accelerated Reader

Click on the link HERE to view JSJ Accelerated Reader website. You may view levels and points of AR books as well as register to view your child's AR record.