Supply List

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Mrs. Hicks 2019-2020 Supply List

3 packs of baby wipes-labeled with child’s name

2 container of antibacterial wipes

1 box of kleenex

2 roll of paper towels

2 package of disposable paper plates

1 package of straws

1 disinfectant spray

1 pump container of hand soap/1 container of waterless soap

2 packs of Elmer’s glue sticks

1 pack of markers

1 pack of crayons

1 shaving cream

1 box of Ziploc bags (Boys-Two Gallon, Girls-Quart)

1 Communication Notebook-Can be spiral or binder, Nap Mat

Donation Optional $10 For Additional Supplies During the Year

Wish List: Batteries-AA/AAA

*Your child will need a backpack to carry their communication notebook home daily. Please have backpack, jackets…etc. labeled on tag. 

*Your child will need an extra set of clothes.  Label with child’s initials or name.

*Some items will need to be replenished throughout the year

We will have orientation on August 5th so you can bring your supplies, meet the teacher and paraprofessionals, and see your child’s classroom! :)