Kindergarten Procedures
Wild about Kindergarten Procedures
Arrival-School begins at 7:50 a.m. Please make sure your child is on time for school. If absent, a written excuse is mandatory. If the child is late, the parent must go to the front office and sign the child in as "tardy." Parents are not allowed to visit the classroom without receiving a visitor pass from the office. The school doors open at 7:20.
Dismissal- 2:30 p.m. -1st load buses and car buddies are dismissed
                 2:40 p.m.- car riders are dismissed
                 2:45 p.m.-2nd load buses are dismissed
                 3:00 p.m.- 3rd load buses and extended day is dismissed
* All half days throughout the school year are dismissed at 11:30 a.m.
* You must stay in your car during the car line each morning and afternoon. You no longer can walk up to meet your child as they are dismissed for safety purposes. 
Should my child go to school? To help us prevent the spread of germs, please do not send your child to school if they are throwing up or have a  fever.
Communication- Communication is so important! I will check your child folder each morning for money and notes from home. Please be sure to check your child's folder every night for notes and important papers. There will also be a discipline chart inside your child's folder. The folder will be sent home daily so you will know exactly what kind of day your child experienced. Please review "clothes pin" moves and reinforce this plan at home. In order for the plan to be successful, we must work together. Please check and initial daily. I also try to check my email every morning and afternoon. Please feel free to contact me by email  or telephone 442-2900 if needed.
Money- When sending money to school, please be sure that it is in the zipper pouch inside your child's folder with your child's name on it and what it's for.
Report Cards- At the end of each 9 weeks, your child will bring home a portfolio along  with their checklist. We will use the same folder (portfolio) all year. Please be very careful with the folder and return it to your child's teacher on the next school day. At the end of the year, you will have a complete record of your child's progress to keep.
Book Orders- I will periodically send Scholastic book order forms home. I strongly encourage you to order a book or two whenever possible. This not only allows you to develop a home library for your child, but it also helps build our classroom library. We will receive points for book orders and these points can be used to buy books for our classroom. We appreciate your cooperation!
Other Important Reminders:
-Only tennis shoes are allowed during P.E. If your child chooses to wear any other shoe to school, they must bring a change of shoes for participation.
-We will have rest time daily.
-No toys may be brought to school
-treasure box day is every Friday.

Homework- Your child will have homework. You will need to initial all homework and return the following school day.
  • Your phone number changes
  • Your address changes
  • The way your child will be getting home from school changes
Donations- We are asking for a $10.00 donation fee. This money helps us purchase extra supplies. I will also be asking for the following throughout the year:
cooking supplies/ingredients when we cook
small toys, pencils, bubbles, tattoos, kids meal prizes, ect. for our treasure box.
Emergency clothes- We would like for you to keep an extra change of clothes in your child's backpack. If your child has an accident we will not have to call home and get you to bring dry clothes.