Etowah County has adopted the McGraw-Hill Wonders reading series which will be used for reading instruction this year. The series has excellent literature along with leveled readers that will be both challenging and interesting reading for all of the children. Also incorporated within the series is grammar, spelling, and writing. Testing will not be on a specific day every week. Tests will be given as the stories are completed. The students will be tested on the skills used throughout the story rather than the facts of the story. Some of the skills included are main idea, fact and opinion, drawing conclusions, etc. We are very excited about this new series and learning to approach reading comprehension in a different way.  


The fourth grade curriculum focuses on physical science, life science, and earth and space science. The Etowah County School System has adopted Scott Foresman Science program to supplement instruction.  Class instruction will include experiments, demonstrations, videos, and cooperative groups

 al his

    The state of Alabama is the focus of fourth grade history.  Students will learn many things about Alabama such as geographic features, Native Americans who lived here, European explorers, early settlers, and many more interesting facts about our state's history.
  go math

Our school uses Go Math which was adopted by the Etowah County School System. It teaches the students that there is more than one way to solve a problem. It teaches them to reason and discover ways to solve problems effectively. The Go Math program is designed to groom students into reasonable, logical thinkers to ensure they are college or career ready.


The fourth grade language program includes instruction in grammar, language mechanics, and writing. This is incorporated into our reading program daily.