I use the Alabama State Course of Study as my guide for instruction.


Each morning your child will copy homework assignments into his/her "C" book. Your child will have math, reading, and spelling homework nightly. Please return it to school the next day. Please remember to read and sign "C" book nightly.


Your child will begin each week with 100 points. For each conduct mark received during the week, 5 points will be deducted .  On Friday your child will receive a grade in conduct.  At the end of the nine week grading period, all nine weekly grades will be averaged for the grade he/she will receive on his/her report card.  Conduct slips will be sent home each Tuesday with your child's test packet. If your child doesn't pull any tickets Monday through Friday they will get to go to the Dolphin Dollar Store on Friday!

1. Listen when teacher is talking.
2. Follow directions
3. Keep hands and feet to yourself
4. Raise your hand to speak or stand
5. Be safe, Be kind, Be honest

School Hours:

Please do not be late for school. Our day begins as students are dismissed from breakfast and bus duty at 7:40 each morning. Afternoon dismissal begins at 2:30. Information about Extended Day services is available in the office.


My conference time is 12:50 Monday-Friday. Please call the front office at 442-2900 or write a note in your child's "C" book to set up a conference time.  You can also email at


We will have snack after P.E. Your child can bring a snack from home or buy one out of the snack machine when they get to school in the mornings for 50 cents.


Your child is welcome to bring cupcakes or cookies (store bought) on their birthday. We will celebrate summer birthdays during the month of May.

Test Papers:

Test papers will go home every Tuesday. Please review the papers and conduct slip with your child. Remember to sign and return the entire test packet the next day.

Make-Up Work:

When your child is absent, please send a note the next day, whether it is a parent or doctor's excuse. Your child will bring home the work they missed on the day they return to school. Please send it back to school when completed.


Our class goes to lunch at 11:10. Student lunches are $2.00. You may send as much money as you would like to be placed into your child's lunch account. The lunchroom is unable to charge, so please make sure your child has money in his/her account. You are welcome to come and eat with your child any day you would like. All visitors need to sign in at the office.


Please be reminded that if your child requires any type of medication, it must be dispensed by the school nurse. Also, you must have a medical form completed by the doctor and given to the school nurse.