Class Rules
Mrs. Downey's
Classroom Rules
butterfly                  butterfly
1. Follow directions quickly.                    butterfly
2. Raise hand for permission to speak                                butterfly
3. Raise hand for permission to leave your seat.
4.  Make smart choices. Respect others. Be kind with your words and actions.
5. Make your dear teacher happy.


Each Tuesday your child will be bringing home a conduct chart like the one shown below. At the beginning of each week all children have 100 points in conduct. For each mark on the chart, 5 points are deducted and recorded. At the end of the nine week grading period, your child will recieve an average of all nine grades. This averaged grade will go on the report card.   
This system enables the teacher, as well as the parents, to see what area, if any, might need improvement. Please discuss this chart with your child each Tuesday, sign the chart, and return it on Wednesday.

conduct chart

*When a rule is broken the student will pull a colored "ticket" which corresponds to the chart above. The ticket is placed in his/her pocket chart until the end of the week. At the end of each week the teacher will total points and fill out the chart above, which will be sent home each Tuesday with weekly papers. On Friday any student who has not pulled a ticket for the entire week gets to take a trip to the treasure chest!*