Supply List
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Supply List

John Jones Elementary



  Pencils (at least 36 pencils) no mechanical  


  5 - Plastic dividers WITH POCKETS

  Plastic pencil box ( approximately 8 inches by 6 inches)

  4 composition notebooks with 100 sheets wide rule

  Pack of graph paper

  2” Durable binder NO zipper closure

  Pack of page protectors

  1 green plastic folder,   1 blue plastic folder

  4 rolls scotch tape (to be used in journals)

  1 pack of copy paper

  2 highlighters ( 2 different colors)

  Glue sticks


  Fine tip dry erase markers (example Expo)

  Cap erasers


 2 DISINFECTING WIPES (no baby wipes please)

 2 hand sanitizer (large)

 facial tissue (2 boxes)   

 paper towels

 Post-it type notes


Please be prepared to pay $10.00 for Scholastic News magazine with online interactive materials and agenda,

a donation of $10.00 for science experiments supplies, classroom, and art supplies and a technology donation of $10, 

for a total of $30.



Please have all supplies on the first day of school.

We are looking forward to having your child in fifth grade at John S. Jones. Remember to keep reading, writing, and math skills sharp this summer. 

All students should come to fifth grade with mastery of basic facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) and be able to write a well developed paragraph.  Please practice with your child on math facts, writing skills, and visit the library often to avoid regression during the summer. This website is a fun way to work on maintaining your math skills:

Typing skills are becoming very important and are part of our Alabama Course of Study. Please have your child practice with the following website:

**** Tennis shoes with NO zig zag soles must be worn during P.E.****