Kindergarten Supply List
2        boxes of 24 count crayons
1       box of 8 count crayons (primary colors)
1       large crayon bag/bank bag                                            
1       plastic crayon/pencil box
1       pair safety scissors (Fiskars quality)
2         large bottles of white glue
1       pack of glue sticks
1       water paint set
1       ream of copy paper
1       pack of washable markers
1       PLASTIC pocket folder with prongs in the middle
1       WIDE ruled spiral notebook
1       pack of #2 pencils
1       clear plastic pencil pouch to put in center of plastic                  folder    
1       one inch white binder
1       set of headphones
1       PLASTIC mat for resting

Optional Common Use Items:

hand sanitizer
Clorox wipes
hand soap
baby wipes
paper plates
Dry Erase markers (Expo brand preferably)
1 sandwich size zip lock bags – girls
1 gallon size zip lock bags - boys
Construction paper: NO MIXED PACKS PLEASE.
*Girls- 1 of each color- red, blue, green, pink, purple 
*Boys-1 of each color-yellow, black, brown, orange, manila

We request a $10 donation fee for additional activities and supplies.

This can be paid the first day of school.


**Car-rider signs can be purchased in the office for $4.00.