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Name: Jamie Howard, CALT
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Phone number: 256-442-2900


Hi, Welcome to my page! 

I am a special education teacher at John Jones Elementary, I am highly qualified and I teach children from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade. I completed my therapy certification in Multisensory Language Education (MSLE) from the Shelton School for Dyslexia in May of 2014.  I became a Certified Academic Language Therapist in October of 2014.  I have taught in Alabama for 15 years and have been at JSJ for 13 years.  My degree is in Collaborative Education K-12, I graduated in 2001 from Jacksonville State University. I am currently going back to school to receive my Masters in ESL.
I love my job and ALL the students I work with! Many of you may know me from the CSI team, I am a proud member of CSI and love the experiences we bring to the children ! Thank you for stopping by, it's going to be a great year at JSJ!