Riding the School Bus

Riding the Bus

  1. Follow the driver’s instruction!
  2. Talk quietly and stay seated!
  3. Be courteous to the driver, other children, and passing motorists.
  4. Take care not to damage seats and windows.

At the Bus Stop

  1. Get to the bus stop safely and on time. Be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the assigned  time. At the bus stop be sure to stay off the road and always watch for danger. Show respect and wait in an orderly way.
  2. Always wait for the bus to STOP before moving towards the door.
  3. Board the bus carefully by staying in a single file line without crowding or pushing.

Boarding the Bus

  1. Hold the handrail because the steps may be slippery. Go directly to your seat.
  2. Behave on the bus. Be considerate of other pupils.
  3. Help to keep the bus clean.
  4. Stay on the seat and don’t play games or throw things.
  5. Avoid too much noise for this may distract the driver and cause an accident.
  6. Keep head and hands inside windows
  7. Help the driver at railroad crossings by being extra quiet.

Leaving the Bus

  1. Learn how to leave the bus during a bus drill and follow instructions.
  2. When leaving the bus walk in a single file line, move away from the bus door as soon as you are off the bus.
  3. Never play in the bus loading zone.

Bus Discipline

  1. Riding the bus is a privilege not a right. Misconduct on the bus can result in the student losing that privilege.
  2. Principal are authorized to suspend bus privileges depending on the severity of thechild’s misbehavior on the bus.
  3. When a child loses his bus privileges, the parents assume the responsibility for transportation to and from school.